ADVANCED x64ComponentsPM

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Tons of audio and video codecs for your PC


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ADVANCED x64ComponentsPM is a complete pack of codecs that makes it possible to play practically any type of multimedia content on your PC. Once you install this pack, it becomes incredibly easy to increase the number of formats supported by your Windows OS computer.

Before installing ADVANCED x64ComponentsPM, it's important to understand that this pack may get rid of some of the codecs you already have installed on your PC by default. At any rate, this change is intended to improve the compatibility conditions for many programs.

With ADVANCED x64ComponentsPM you'll have tons of the main codecs required for listening to music, watching videos, or playing videogames on your PC. There are even some formats compatible with HDR technology to give you increased definition.

ADVANCED x64ComponentsPM is the perfect solution for users who want to open any type of file on their computer. Running into compatibility problems is incredibly frustrating, and that's why it's so important to have a pack with all these features installed on your computer.